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Which Way Was North

"In this collection, Wiese shows us once again how to discern the 'impossible shape' in everything around us—an airport sparrow, a bridge swept away by flood, a television set, a wild turkey, a combine harvester. She does not need a compass to find 'Due North'—and with her showing the way, we don't either. Wiese's poetry teaches us that the distance is not between Sioux Falls and Brooklyn, between nature and machinery, between lifeblood and graveyard, it is 'between tasting and living'."

—Shawkat Toorawa

Floating City

"I kept thinking as I read Wiese's book, The nerve to be this quiet! It really is a kind of magic that reminds me here and there of Elizabeth Bishop's devastatingly mild way of walking her reader out into deep water."

—Kay Ryan, from her essay on Floating City titled, "The Nerve to Be Quiet," (American Poet, Volume 32, Spring 2007)